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Maui Memorial Medical Center has a heart research fund which provides ongoing assistance to heart disease patients.

How We Help Medical Fund

Maui Memorial Medical Center has a heart research fund which provides ongoing assistance to heart disease patients who have needs that would otherwise go unmet were it not for the support provided by the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Donations have been used to purchase much-needed equipment such as the state-of-the-art Entrak, a new Ultrasound machine for the OB-GYN department, a Mammotome breast biopsy vacuum system and equipment to treat heart disease patients, to name just a few. Funds have also been allocated towards healthcare programs for the public such as Malama Pu’uwai (Take Care of Your Heart), and have helped to provide financial assistance and essential care and services for heart disease patients in financial need.

We Feed

Children's Emergency Medical Fund through regular feeding programs and by providing vital and nutritious food in high – risk and impoverished neighborhoods.

We Educate

Educate impoverished children and their families through our partnership with Philippine Children’s Hunger Fund, and by providing educational materials related to health and nutrition.

We Serve

Serve impoverished communities through humanitarian aid distribution, education, feeding programs and spiritual enrichment.

About 630,000 Americans die from heart disease

Each Year

That's 1 In Every 4

On average

Someone dies of CVD every

38 Seconds

$100 Dollars

Can Provide $10,000

of InKind Medical Supplies


Everyday We Help Children Live A Better Life.

CEMF was established to provide a transportation link between national food products donors (who have the food surplus) and the independently operated food banks across the country who distribute this life-saving food to those who need it most.


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Children's Emergency Medical Fund also provide educational materials about childhood illnesses to patients and families. Curing begins with a caring heart!